The uncanny death of Stanley Meyer and his Water powered Automobile



Four men sat across the table at the diner in Ohio, raising a toast to a professedly successful deal in 1998. Suddenly after engulfing a sip or two, Stanley Meyer puts down his Cranberry juice and bolts out in rush. Gasping for breath, he grabbed his neck and fought for his life. Leaving the Belgian investors behind, Meyer’s brother ran behind him, just to find him shouting breathlessly about being poisoned intentionally.

Who exactly was Stanley Meyer and what was he famous for?

Stanley Meyer designed a water fuel cell to operate an emission free automotive engine in the year 1996. The product outline claimed to develop a cell which when subjected to electricity would lead to hydrolysis- breaking down of the water molecule into it’s component elements Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO). This would  lead to the conversion of water into a functioning fuel.

The uncanny death of Stanley Meyer and his Water powered Automobile

To produce fuel out of something so abundant and sustainable attracted attention across the globe. The hydrogen produced smokeless emissions unlike conventional automobiles responsible for delivering harmful smoke, lead compounds and hydrocarbons due to incomplete combustion. Although, critiques had varied opinions about the scientific concept and challenged it’s credibility for defying the laws of thermodynamics.

The uncanny death of Stanley Meyer and his Water powered Automobile

The prototype also claimed to recombine hydrogen and oxygen again during the process, to continue the fuel cycle in loop. Something so quintessential and convenient, amidst global warming, greenhouse effect, carbon emanations and pollution prompts seemed practically eccentric. This bagged some involuntary fame for Meyer. As he filed for parenting the technology, his revelations met a tragic end so did his life.

Controversial Dead end 

The uncanny death of Stanley Meyer and his Water powered Automobile

In 1996, he was sanctioned funds for the study, after his much anticipated parade around the town showcasing his water fuel vehicle. Later, it was discovered that there was no evidence supporting the technological utility of the cell he used. There were no videos backing the claim, with just handful eyewitness accounts, the creation was deemed obvious and stolen from the already existing electrolysis technique. The Ohio Court ordered for cancellation of the investment post the controversial dead end.

Accidental death or Murder?

Stanley Meyer’s unexpected demise welcomed countless speculations and death theories. During the formal dinner with his brother and the Belgian investors, a casual evening turned eventful with the blink of an eye. Postmortem examination of the body by the Coroner gave surprising  outcomes and contested all claims of fowl play. The report stated mental aneurysm as the cause of death, chalking off claims of homicide or poisoning.

Although, many continue to believe his death being a product of greed and political altercation. Owing to the significance of his findings and the benefits driving the technology, countries like USA had the opportunity to crush its fuel dependency on Russia and Middle East.  Nevertheless, his legacy continues to breathe life into eco-friendly automobiles even after many years. No one knew about the magnitude of truth surrounding the study, but what Meyer started surely bore fruits of growth and development in the automotive industry.

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