Aftermath of 2012- Why didn’t the World end?



You must have witnessed several headlines and news publications flooded with much anticipated Apocalypse of 2012. From historians to archaeologists and scientists around the world, everyone was equally baffled and had juxtaposing theories to the whole concept. Assumptions speculated a massive collision between Earth and a planet named Nibiru, allegedly discovered by the Sumerians.

Aftermath of 2012- Why didn’t the World end?

About the Mayan Calendar –

It all started in context to the Mayan long-count Calendar, which predicted the end of the planetary cycle around the Winter Solstice. The Calendar stated spatial significance of December 21, 2012 and initial doomsday was predicted for May, 2003 but later the suppository prompts shifted to December 2012 according to the Mayans. The cosmic collapse was claimed to have destructive effects upon the entire population of 7 Billion.

Mayan Calendar

Mayan Calendar stated that the demolition is bound to refresh the land and not to destroy it. The chaos surrounding the entire plot brought in unnecessary stigma round the globe. With the ever increasing uncertainty, several scientific communities sought to step up and share their perspectives. Absence of any supporting scientific evidence and factual data failed to rationalize the predictions surfacing across media houses and chat rooms.

NASA’s Verdict on Predictions –

Shattering the misconceptions about it all, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration, US) denied all standing conjectures about the nearing end of the Earth. Scientists stated that Earth stands unbothered, with no upcoming comet or asteroid collisions. The orbital path remains clear and more peaceful than it has ever been. Owing to a stable history of around 400 Billion years of the Planet, scientific fraternity contested all the claims and called it a hoax. Nibiru or as it was called then- Planet X or Eris was claimed to have been a long-standing presumption, lacking any scientific authenticity. However, Eris was real but it was just a dwarf planet like that of Pluto and continued to exist undisturbed  in the outer orbits.

Aftermath –

All suspicions including solar storms, black outs and meteor hits were  chalked out of the picture. A YouTube video was released asking people to refrain from feeding the fake rumors. All speculative theories were subjected to extensive scientific review and none proved to be right. The predictions continued to sustain both constructive as well as destructive criticism from scholars and professionals. Surviving the existing myths, 21st December, 2012 outwitted everyone, with no destructive implications. The day went safe and harmonious around the world, with no alarming repercussions as a whole. Just as every year, Christmas went lively and fun, people were relieved and rejoiced to celebrate the positive news!

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