Murder Mystery of the Perfume Queen- Monika Ghurde


The 39 year old perfume specialist, Monika Ghurde was known as the first lady of smell for her keen interest in perfumeries. The Perfume Queen had a personal inclination towards jasmine and the history of flowers. She swapped careers from photography to perfumery and collaborated with renowned authors to come up  with her own studies surrounding floral scents. Her passion drove her ahead, as she ascended from Chennai to Goa in 2009, giving magnificent wings to her dreams.

Perfume Queen- Monika Ghurde image

She rented a flat in Sapna Raj Valley apartments in Sangolda locality of Goa. On the afternoon of October 5th, 2016 she was out with her friends, unaware of the tragic events about to unfold later that day. Her dead body was discovered from the apartment, she was naked and her hands were tied to the bed. Police probed the high profile case and investigated for minute details concealed within. After 2 days of consistent scrutiny, they could finally generate potential leads against the suspect.

The list was narrowed down to a 21 year old boy working as a security guard in the same apartment Monika resided in. He developed a liking for the perfumer soon after his joining and secretly stalked her daily routines. However things escalated briskly and took a devastating turn, when his affection turned into hatred. Monika accused him of stealing her umbrella and sacked him off his job, the humiliation infuriated him against her.

Post this incident, the boy started plotting to pounce on the first opportunity he got to harm her. He hid himself at the building’s terrace looking for a chance to break into her flat. At 6.30 pm on 5th October, he succeeded in his plan. He forced himself into the flat and sexually assaulted Monika, he also overpowered her to compromise her confidential ATM pins, mobile  passwords and other details. Scared of being caught, he smothered Monika to death, while she kept screaming for help.

Later on, he was tracked down, due to an ATM transaction made in Bengaluru from the same cards he stole from Monika. This earned him a legal spotlight and the police eventually put him behind the bars after his confession about the murder. The mystery was solved, but the sensational specialist -Monika Ghurde paid an unfair price for it, she was silenced for life in this tale of digressing emotions.

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