Life without the ultimate savior- Mobile Phones


Graham Bell was unaware about how eccentric his invention would be when he created his first telephone in 1876. Back then it was just a mode of communication between two people. Since then, the market has been flooding with new hand sets and eventually with the smartphones as we know them in 21st century.

Imagine this being the last time you get to read through your phone and soon after this you’re asked to put it away forever!  What would your response be? You ought to loose your calm and race against time to get all your priority work done. Probably contact someone before the service cessation and look for alternatives to your handset immediately.  But what if I tell you some of the lesser known facts about your cellphone and the impact it continues to have on people around the world.

Life without phones

From entertainment to education and  networking to conferencing, your mobile is the most significant prerequisite in order for you to function right. However, this unparalleled co-dependency leaves back harmful consequences on your mental, physical and social well-being. From faking your life on social media to falling prey to unsolicited e-commercials, your Carbon footprint is a digital track record that brings you closer to fishy scams and frauds.

Life without phones

As cleansing as it may sound, putting your mobile phones aside isn’t as easy as it sounds. Going 30 minutes without refreshing your Instagram feed is more difficult than that cardio session you enrolled in. Communicating in person heals distant gaps and evokes bonding, how about we forget the ‘sliding into DMs’ part and hold intriguing conversations in person!. It might as well bring you closer to your family and friends than you’ve ever been virtually. Pushing blocks in a silly game won’t get you in a good shape, but pushing yourself out of bed early morning definitely will.

Watching web series on loop and bingeing a whole season on the premiere night is as good as pulling an all nighter to read your favourite book. Question is, to what extent are phones a boon and upon crossing that threshold, do we call them a bane? It’s tricky, but one thing is sure that life without phone would definitely be a shift from reel to real. Your emotions and responses to a situation wouldn’t be masked behind a collection of pixels.

With innumerable advantages of phones, It’s practically impossible to completely sabotage them from our lives. We’re in this era where we can pull off all your daily chores from the comfort of your house, just a few clicks and you’re good to go. But the same mobile phones also result in anxiety, mental instability, depression, anti-social behavior and deviant tendencies upon consuming subversive content on Internet and Social Media. So considering the both extremes – having mobiles for everything or eliminating them entirely, wouldn’t be such a nice idea.

happy life without mobile phone

Solution is simple, life without phones might not be simpler but far more fulfilling in its essence. All you need to remember is that fine line between healthy consumption and addictive dependency. Wrapping your needs around a materialistic article will uproot you from reality and the physical essence of being.  Just like any other drug, mobile phones are compulsive, it’s upon the users to limit its utility and operate them judiciously. Witnessing nature, meeting people and appreciating actual life forms isn’t that bad after all!

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