Living with Corona Virus


The title itself is scary enough that we cannot imagine living with Coronavirus for our entire lives. The world will not be the same after the current COVID-19 pandemic. If we talk about the last 2 years, a lot has happened which was never expected and experienced. I must say, some bad impression was made for the other country from where this deadly disease has emerged. As we are aware, this originates from a country well developed and diversified in so many ways where people are so ahead of all other countries. Negligence occurred but nothing can be done to go back to those happy, carefree days. Due to this virus, we are 10 years behind today as this has affected so many things, we can’t even describe.

The economy has got a major impact on this disease spread globally. We are unable to establish the fact that we have to abide by the rules of this demon of virus laid upon us. Most of us got really scared because of all we have lost in these 2 years. We’ve lost our health, wealth, safety, our mental ability, our focus, our passion, everything.
Even if we don’t agree, I already started believing that we have to live with this disease our whole lives as there could not be any further option ahead of us. It’s not like giving up all our hopes, instead of accepting the harsh, sad, and undeniable reality of the dying world. People used to blame the unhygienic environment for all the failures in their lives. However, I believe that environment only has the 20% of the effect on our health. Rest can be our irresponsible and laidback behavior which leads to so many casualties and health issues.

Unspoken words from us are the result of what is happening around us. Therefore, awareness is still to be prescribed to people along with the medication and the treatment. Treatment will not suffice the need of a patient but regular updates of their living are also necessary. We know that certain measures have been taken in order to control this havoc but my question is, why so late? Why is this not being controlled timely? This is what we call a laidback situation where measures have been taken but after so much loss.

The pain through which people are still going is unimaginable. They’ve lost everything. People have not just lost their dear ones, but they’ve lost their hopes and more importantly, they’ve lost their souls. Imagine, living with this virus as a part of your daily routine. Faces covered, all the time, distance from people, every time. No gatherings, no celebrations, no-touch… Scary, right?

Do not encourage this irresponsible behavior which will lead to a more dangerous situation. Instead, just spread awareness to people who really need your support and guidance.

Corona is a part of our lives now…this life has only been given once, so live the life to its fullest. Spend some little extra time with your near and dear ones by keeping regular measures. This can be tough, but not impossible. Keep up your hopes and cherish each and every moment of your life✌️

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