Lenin’s body has been kept in Russia for 96 years, Story of How it has been taken care.


After the Bolshevik Revolution of 1918, Vladimir Lenin, who created a new country in the name of the Soviet Union, died in 1924 in St. Petersburg. Since then, his body has been preserved here. Every year people come to see it on a large scale. To maintain this, a long and wide staff keeps their bodies safe with new preservation techniques.


Vladimir Lenin, the great leader of Russia, was born a day earlier on 22 April 1870. Do you know that the dead body of Lenin, who died 96 years ago, is still safe in Russia. People believe that Lenin’s dead body has started looking more fresh even after years.

Vladimir Lenin

Lenin was the leader of the communist revolution. As well as the founder of the Soviet Union. Many generations have passed since his death, but in the meantime, Russian scientists have engaged in working on a technique to keep his body in the best conditions. It also includes that when people see them lying down, their body will not only look good but it can also be seen fresh. One time it is felt that they are not dead but are alive.

How Russian scientists have preserved their bodies in such a perfect way.

It is said that there is an institute in Moscow, which keeps working on it in the bio-chemical way. There is a core group of five to six people, who work on bettering the body of Lenin, it includes biochemist and surgeon along with the entomist, the expert of the internal structure of the body, these are called the musolium group.It is on this responsibility that Lenin’s dead body is always in better condition. These experts provide advice in saving the body of three more big leaders in the world. Other leaders are Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, North Korea’s father Kim II and Kim Jong Il.


In these methods, it is seen that the physical form of the preserved body is better, its look, size, weight, color and organs’ flexibility and softness are taken care of – it is not necessary that the body remains in its original form. Quasibiological science is used in this process,Which is different from other carcass methods. In this, they sometimes change the skin of some parts with plastic or other substances. Due to which the body keeps changing compared to the old times. This is different from the old mummification in which the body leaves the body once and leaves and the body keeps changing with time.

When Lenin died in January 1924, when all the leaders of the Soviet Union protested to preserve his body after a certain time, he did not even want it to be kept for public display. But when crowds of people flocked to Red Square to see Lenin’s body for two months, the Soviet leaders had to decide to preserve his body for a long time.

Then they chose two Russian anatomy specialists Vladimir Vorobyev and biochemist Boris Jabarsky to preserve it on experiment. For the first time, the embellishment done in the dead body lasted from March to July 1924. Actually, the problem was also happening because when doctors had autopsy Lenin’s body, many of Sharik’s nerves and blood vessels were cut. If not, then the internal flow system of the body would have remained.

Then the Lenin Lab researchers developed a micro-injection technique, with a single dose of which allows fluid to flow to the fixed parts of the body, especially in places where internal intercourse has been done. On top of Lenin’s body, a cow made a very thin rubber suit, which he is always wearing during public display. Now the body of this body is only once a year. Then it has to go through many processes. Each process takes half a month.

The fact is that it is a wonder of the methods of science of the Soviet Union and then of Russia that the process in which Lenin’s body is maintained and his skin has been changed, it has increased its brightness or freshness much more. But Russia spends a lot of money on this every year. By the way do you know how old Lenin would have been if she had been alive. The answer is 149 years, that is, a year less than one and a half hundred years. Although his body has become so old.

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